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Adding items to your shopping cart will select them for purchasing at checkout, you can modify quantities and delete items directly within your cart. Due to increased demand some items may go out-of-stock while in your cart. Adding items to your cart does not guarantee availability.

Order process

All standard orders need to be paid-confirmed in order to be processed. Unpaid business orders are processed with a 30% downpayment confirmation. We will do our best to guarantee the availability of all items in our store at all times; however, due to increased sales an item may go out-of-stock, unpaid orders with items that go out-of-stock will be automatically cancelled. Upon payment, orders are automatically confirmed and added to our processing line. Once ready, orders are handed over to the carrier next working day. Orders are fulfilled once we receive confirmation of delivery. You can follow the status of your order directly from your account dashboard. You will be notified by e-mail every time the status of your order is updated. You can download the invoice for your purchases directly from your account dashboard.

Processing time

Paid orders are typically processed within 24 hours and shipped the next available working day. Although we do everything we can to process and ship within 24 hours of an order being confirmed, processing time may take additional 5 working days, depending on domestic availability. Except for express shipping or wholesale purchases, we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or major holidays. In rare occasions, and depending on domestic availability, wholesale orders may require additional 5 working days to process. 


To reduce CO2 emissions and ecological impact, we use recycled rugged cardboard boxes and recycled paper for shipping.

Shipping fees

Fees are indicated at the time of checkout and automatically added to your order. These fees are calculated as a percentage of the carrier's fees to deliver your order. Shipping is free-of-charge for all business accounts. Shipping is also free of charge for all orders of equal or greater value than what's indicated in the store.

Service tiers and carrier choices

We ship with three different service tiers: Saver, Standard, and Express. To provide you with the best possible quality/price ratio, we will ship with the best available option from USPS, UPS and FedEx that meets the characteristics of your  chosen service tier. SAVER: will ship your package via USPS using their economy service level. STANDARD: will ship your package via UPS or FedEx using their economy saver or equivalent service level, or USPS express service level, whichever is faster. EXPRESS: will ship your package via UPS or FedEx 48h/72h express or equivalent service level. PRIORITY EXPRESS: Will put your order to the top of the processing queue with priority status, and will ship your package as soon as it is ready via UPS of FedEx fastest delivery option, overnight if possible. Notice that not all orders can be processed with priority express. Notice that our priority express tier is a limited service guarantee that covers processing your order and handing it over to the carrier. We are not responsible for carrier service disruptions. Carrier may not leave your package and reschedule delivery according to their policies (e.g. wrong address, nobody present, recipient not found, etc), these alterations of service are out of our hands and we are not responsible for them. 

Personal carrier choice

If you want your package to be shipped with a preferred carrier between USPS, UPS or FedEx, please indicate it in the order notes at the time of checkout. We will ship with your chosen service tier and do our best to use your preferred carrier. Please note it may not be possible to honor your carrier choice at all times, particularly if there are serious service disruptions or the offered service is substantially slower than your chosen service tier. If nevertheless it is imperative for you to have your package delivered by the indicated carrier write it down in the order notes and we will follow your instructions. We DO NOT ship with other carriers than the ones indicated above.

Delivery time

Estimated delivery times are shown during checkout, these are best estimates, but are not guaranteed. Due to limited transportation availability as a result of Covid-19 impacts, UPS, FedEx and USPS package delivery times may be extended by the carrier without previous notice


You can track your order at all times from within your account dashboard. In addition, you will receive automatic e-mail updates every time the status of your order changes. Upon shipping you will receive an e-mail with the carrier-issued tracking number. Use this number to track your package during shipment with the respective carrier.

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