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The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and forms a barrier that protects us from mechanical, thermal, and chemical damage. It shields us from viruses, yeast, mold, and bacteria, and reduces the intensity of UV light that reaches our body. It also prevents the water in our bodies to evaporate, help us cope with changes in temperature and allows us to feel by touch. Furthermore, the skin metabolizes, excretes, secretes and absorbs substances, and produces hormones that are released into our blood.

To support all those function the skin has complex metabolic and cellular networks that work in unison to use nutrients efficiently, generate energy, preserve intercellular communication, and keep regenerative process continuously active.


Un asunto de comunicación

The cellular and metabolic networks that maintain the skin are delicate and can be easily disrupted. Problems in a single component of these networks often cascade into larger alterations in the skin. Fortunately, the skin can self-repair and regenerate; however, this ability has limits, and the more the skin is challenged by external (e.g. UV light, pollution, toxins, viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.) or internal (hormonal imbalances, cronic disease, etc.) factors, the more likely it is that the self-maintenance ability of the skin will underperform. To compound this problem, the skin gradually loses its restorative capacity as we grow older, becoming easier to damage and taking longer to repair.

To date, several thousand skin disorders have been described medically, however, the vast majority of them exhibit three common problems: metabolic disruption, altered cell-cell comunication, and decreased activation of regenerative processes.


Restablecer la comunicación natural

Our approach to skin care is based on science and addresses the metabolic, energetic, and molecular signaling imbalance at the center of most skin problems. We use a combination of active substances similar in nature to the substances our own body produces, that directly help the skin to recover and maintain its normal metabolism, and regenerative ability. Following this approach, we can reduce the variety and concentration of chemicals the skin gets in contact with, by combining these substances with complementary products of natural origin, we are able to offer high efficacy products capable to normalize the skin in a wide variety of conditions. Whether cosmetic of pharmaceutical, our products are safe and efficient.


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Using natural ingredients


Acoge la belleza de la naturaleza en tu piel

Victor Luethen M.D., Ph.D. Tyccus CEO

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